ARI free resources

The ARI decodable readers provide abundant exposure to a controlled selection of sound-letter correspondences, enabling decoding to become automatic, and fluent, confident readers to flourish (see full range of books in online shop). We have put together the resources below to help you to get the best out of the programme.

Initial and Mastery Assessments and graph

The Assessments are simple and quick-to-administer, providing essential indicators of reading progress and demonstrating whether what has been taught has actually been learned. The accompanying graph provides an instant visual record of progress.

Initial and Mastery Assessments:
• Indicate the optimum starting point for each child
• Provide the baseline for comparing before/after progress for school records

Order of Introduction

A story-by-story record of word, sound and letter(s) introduction, incorporating a tutor comments section.

Phonics Check Assessment

On completion of ARI Level 2, all correspondences covered in the Gov.UK Phonics Check Assessment have been introduced and thoroughly practised.

Preview samples of books

To preview any of our books, click on the Amazon link on the relevant Buy Books page and select the ‘Look Inside‘ option.

Piper Books reading programmes

Our rigorously trialled, easy-to-use, reading programmes offer fail-safe decoding foundations that result in fluency, vocabulary growth and enhanced comprehension. Grammar and language conventions form an integral part of the programme.

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