Free reading resources for parents and teachers

BRI free resources

BRI is a successful reading programme for teaching children to read at home and in school (see full range of books in online shop). We have put together the resources below to help you to get the best out of the programme.

Initial and Mastery Assessments and Graph

The PDFs below present transparent information for school and for Pupil Premium records. The Assessments are simple and quick-to-administer, providing essential indicators of reading progress and demonstrating whether what has been taught has actually been learned. The accompanying graph provides an instant visual record of progress.

Initial and Mastery Assessments:
• Indicate the optimum starting point for each child
• Provide the baseline for comparing before/after progress for school records

Order of Introduction

A book-by-book record of word, sound and letter(s) introduction, incorporating a tutor comments section.

Letter for Parents/Carers

As soon as a child has been taught how to read the first book with automaticity and good expression, an introductory letter can be sent home with this first book to help parents/carers to support their child’s reading. Subsequent books can be sent home early in the instruction. Parents/Carers should be asked to follow the guidelines at the beginning of each book.

Letter/Sound Flashcards for use before BRI Set 1 books

Use before each new book is tackled to familiarise the child with the letter/sounds of the words. If there are no Flashcards cards for that book, there will be no new letter/sound correspondences to introduce. The Letter/Sound cards can be discontinued quite quickly for most children, but those with Special Needs may benefit from this extra practice.

You can purchase ready-made boxed packs of cards for all three Sets, sealed and laminated to ensure quality and longevity (see Buy BRI Beginning Reading Instruction Books).

Notched Card

Developed by Tom and Hilary Burkard, founders of The Promethean Trust, the Notched Card is an invaluable way of instilling the habit of all-through-the-word reading.

Picture sheets for recording reading progress and for the child to colour

Beneath the picture of each book, space has been allotted for two stars: the first to be given after completion of a reading, the second after rereading with expression. It is vital that any ‘star system’ never leads to rushing through the books. Some children will take a long time to complete two readings of a book, and their efforts and achievement are deserving of encouragement and praise. Certificates of Success can be downloaded on completion of each set.

Certificate of Success

Each set of BRI-ARI books represents a milestone on the journey towards literacy. Certificates of Success are a pleasing way of acknowledging effort and achievement.

Character Sheets for Colouring

BRI Set 1: Picture-Based Questions

For pre-reading children, including those with Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) delay, BRI books offer great opportunities for lively conversations.
PDF: BRI Set 1 Picture-Based Questions

Introducing each of the characters in BRI Sets l and 2

Lively portraits of all the animals in Set l – from Sam the Lion ‘who perhaps isn’t quite as brave as one might expect of a lion’ to Ed the Dog who is ‘stuck with the usual canine desire to please’.
PDF: BRI Sets 1 and 2 Characters

BRI Character Poster

A short daily segmenting/blending session of the animal names provides ideal skills’ practice.
A preprinted A3 character poster is also available on request and can be posted free. To receive your copy, email us on with your contact details.
PDF: BRI Character Poster

Preview samples of books

Preview samples are available on request. Email at providing contact name, delivery address and which reading programme you are interested in. We can then post individual books free of charge for you to look at and keep for reference.

Piper Books reading programmes

Our rigorously trialled, easy-to-use, reading programmes offer fail-safe decoding foundations that result in fluency, vocabulary growth and enhanced comprehension. Grammar and language conventions form an integral part of the programme.

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