Engaging Children in storytelling with the Sam, Mat, Mit, Sis Finger Puppets

The lively characters in the early BRI books – Sam the Lion, Mat the Rat, Mit the Chimp and Sis the Snake – are, in turn, mischievous, teasing, sensitive and supportive. As children start to decode/read the stories of Sam and his friends, they gain greatly from re-reading each book for comprehension, vocabulary, expression and fluency. And during rereading sessions, the puppets of Sam, Mat, Mit and Sis come into their own. They support teachers and parents involved in role play activities; in modelling expressive language; in encouraging children to explore the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of the animals’ quirky behaviour. After each BRI story there is a brief Speech, Language and Communication section with two factual and two comprehension questions. The puppets play a useful role in bringing the questions to life. In addition they play a part in:

  • providing extra support for children with Speech, Language and Communication difficulties
  • explaining language concepts such as the prepositions: over, under, above, beneath
  • helping quieter, less extrovert children to express themselves more openly
  • boosting children’s confidence

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