Reading for ages 12 to 16

Combining skills-based phonics practice with reading for pleasure

  • Engaging and humorous stories combined with rigorous, research-based reading instruction
  • Emphasis on fluency through sustained reading of continuous text underpinned by Synthetic Phonics principles
  • Straightforward tutor guide with photocopiable materials
  • Decodable text with manageable increase in language complexity

Piper Books offers a fresh chance to those who have fallen through the educational net. Catch-up learners with weak or missing phonics knowledge need opportunities to read intelligent and engaging texts. This is exactly what the stories offer. The MRI programme establishes automatic decoding skills within stories that students can read and want to read.

From the tragicomedy of Henry VIII to the doom of an Aztec city, from the antics of Africa’s spider demi-god to the trials of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, from Hamlet’s insanity to Beowulf’s heroics, the fifty Mature Reading Instruction books offer a darkly comic take on history, myths, folk tales and literary masterpieces.

Word count:

Level 1: 8,600 words
Level 2: 16,700 words
Level 3: 17,900 words
Level 4A: 12,700 words
Level 4B: 13,000 words
Level 5A: 13,000 words
Level 5B: 12,800 words’

See Free Resources for initial Assessment to ascertain where each pupil should begin as well as a Mastery Assessment, complete with graph, to provide concrete proof of progress.

Level 1 is much shorter and simpler than subsequent volumes – run the Level 1 Initial Assessment from the Resources  page to see if your student can skip straight to Level 2.

MRI also offers abundant Systematic Synthetic Phonics practice for ESL (English as a Second Language) programmes.

MRI Tutor Guide

The photocopiable MRI Tutor Guide enables all teachers to assess exactly where a student is in their progress towards becoming a competent reader. Information and procedures are clearly and simply explained.

Contents include:
Practical Teaching Points, Initial and Final Assessments, Background Information About the Stories, Record Keeping, Fluency Practice, Copying and Dictation Exercises, Frequently Asked Questions, and Troubleshooting.

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“The overview is very clear and practical and provides the tutor with all the important introductory information – research base, relevance to Synthetic Phonics, range of literature spanned and suggestions for further activities.”Adult Literacy Teacher

Catch-up for older students

MRI Set 1 Mature Reading Instruction
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“We thought the stories were hilarious and really engaging, laugh out loud funny, which is what a lot of our learners need… The author really has the knack for retelling great stories in a concise and entertaining way.”Adult Literacy Tutor
“We’ve hit the ground running with them this term – just what I needed for my strugglers and they love the stories.”English Teacher, Middle School
“Very useful… Very clever books.” Founding Developer, leading Synthetic Phonics programme