Reading for children aged 9 to 11

Preparing for secondary school

“We thought the stories were hilarious and really engaging, laugh out loud funny, which is what a lot of our learners need… The author really has the knack for retelling great stories in a concise and entertaining way.” Adult Literacy Teacher
  • Intelligent stories combined with rigorous, research-based reading instruction
  • Emphasis on fluency through sustained reading of continuous text underpinned by Synthetic Phonics principles
  • Straightforward tutor guide with photocopiable materials
  • Decodable text with gradual increase in language complexity

Studies have shown that teaching phonics skills to young learners is the single most important predictor of successful reading achievement. With older children where these skills are weak, the Mature Reading Instruction books help to establish automatic decoding in parallel with stories that they can read and want to read.

Mature Reading Instruction Levels 1 and 2 are suitable for 9- to 11-year-olds who lack reading fluency. The books provide the missing link between beginners decoding instruction and ‘real reading’ through stories that are fully compatible with a Synthetic Phonics approach.

These thirty-three stories, plays and poems include well-known legends and folk tales from Arabia and Africa; the strange tale of Finn McCool and the heroic deeds of Beowulf; the tragicomic lives of Henry VIII and his six wives; and an witty interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Word count:
MRI Level 1: 8,600 words
MRI Level 2: 16,700 words

See Resources for a downloadable initial Assessment to ascertain where each pupil should begin as well as a Mastery Assessment, complete with graph, to provide concrete proof of progress.

The MRI Tutor Guide

The photocopiable MRI Tutor Guide enables all teachers to assess exactly where a student is in their progress towards becoming a competent reader. Information and procedures are clearly and simply explained.

Contents include:
Practical Teaching Points, Initial and Final Assessments, Background Information About the Stories, Record Keeping, Fluency Practice, Copying and Dictation Exercises, Frequently Asked Questions, and Troubleshooting.

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“The overview is very clear and practical and provides the tutor with all the important introductory information – research base, relevance to Synthetic Phonics, range of literature spanned and suggestions for further activities.” Adult Literacy Teacher

Reading support for older children

Reading support for older children.Buy MRI books