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“There is so little available for older poor readers that is not demeaning. MRI treats adults as adults. I really do think that these books will become firm favourites with Essential Skills literacy tutors and their students.” Senior Literacy Tutor
  • Engaging and humorous stories combined with research-based reading instruction
  • Emphasis on fluency through sustained reading of continuous text
  • Straightforward, photocopiable tutor-friendly guide
  • Structured, cumulative text with gradual increase in language complexity

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For those scarred by years of educational failure, Mature Reading Instruction offers a thorough grounding in essential decoding skills, within witty, entertaining narratives.

From the tragicomedy of Henry VIII to the doom of an Aztec city, from the antics of Africa’s spider demi-god to the trials of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, from Hamlet’s insanity to Beowulf’s heroics, these eighty-one poems, plays and stories offer a darkly comic take on history, myths, folk tales and literary masterpieces.

Word count:

Level 1: 8,600 words
Level 2: 16,700 words
Level 3: 17,900 words
Level 4A: 12,700 words
Level 4B: 13,000 words
Level 5A: 13,000 words
Level 5B: 12,800 words

See Resources for initial Assessment to ascertain where each pupil should begin as well as a Mastery Assessment, complete with graph, to provide concrete proof of progress.

Level 1 is much shorter and simpler than subsequent volumes – run the Level 1 Initial Assessment from the Resources page to see if your student can skip straight to Level 2.

MRI also offers abundant Systematic Synthetic Phonics practice for ESL (English as a Second Language) programmes.

Tutor Guide Piper BooksThe photocopiable MRI Tutor Guide enables all teachers to assess exactly where a student is in their progress towards becoming a competent reader. Information and procedures are clearly and simply explained.

Contents include:
Practical Teaching Points, Initial and Final Assessments, Background Information About the Stories, Record Keeping, Fluency Practice, Copying and Dictation Exercises, Frequently Asked Questions, and Troubleshooting.

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A high-impact reading strategy for adults

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“MRI enthused her enough to forget about being dyslexic and have a go at reading.”Adult Tutor