Piper Books customer reviews

Learning to read with Piper Books – customer reviews

With thanks to Kathy Nell, moderator of the Yahoo Beginning Reading Instruction Forum, and to contributors to the Forum for permission to reprint.

Parents and guardians

“I truly feel that these little books have allowed me to fulfil a very important job as a parent – teaching my child to read. I am so appreciative that the tools and simple instruction were so readily available to make the process easy and enjoyable for both of us!”

“Parents for the first time in their lives, know exactly where their kid is in terms of reading.”
Reading Tutor

“My granddaughter, age 5, read to me today – the last book in set 3, which she had not read before. She read fluently, stopped to reread when she made a mistake and it didn’t make sense, and sounded out words she wasn’t sure about. How easy it is for a normally developing child to learn with BRI!”

“BRI books are our special ‘reading’ books and my 5 year old daughter loves that. We read together (just her and I) about 5 minutes a day with BRI.”

“The grandmother of one of my 2nd grade students again told me yesterday how great the books are. They love them. If a grandma with 3 grandchildren to take care of can figure this out why can’t the reading specialists?”
Teacher & Reading Tutor

“They are amazed at his improvement and how easy BRI is. This mom took to BRI like a duck to water, she needed little help – Understood the code immediately – Understood immediately why sight words were not working for her son – Understood immediately why BRI was working and why the guess and pray method was failing her son.”
Reading Tutor

Special Educational Needs

“I can now understand her and the BRI books do teach speech as well as reading, they do both. I think BRI is probably the best speech teacher there is.”
Reading Tutor

“She goes to the speech teacher for articulation issues and her speech is now improved. I do think BRI also helped with her articulation issues. She had trouble with BRI in the beginning, trying to read too fast, and changing words but she has made remarkable progress… to see her read with such a great big smile on her face is so great. Makes me wonder how she would be doing if all her instruction was as good as BRI.”
Teacher & Reading Tutor

“The children have made amazing progress and they all love the ‘Sam’ books. Quite a few of them have speech difficulties and I am absolutely convinced that the books help them because they want to read them. One of my students is a 16 year old boy with Down Syndrome, he started a year ago as an non reader and is now half way through BRI 3, another 8 year old little girl with Down Syndrome has just started ARI 1. Some main stream primary students with quite severe problems are allowed to read the BRI books in school instead of the school books that they have no hope of accessing, which is so soul destroying… I am forever hopeful that one day I will be able to persuade them to let all children start with BRI.”
Reading Tutor, Special School

“Even that little first grader who can barely speak is now in set 3 and speaking a whole lot better…

I have been using the books with a 7-year-old girl who has a very weak visual memory and she loves them. The animals in the stories are always getting into silly scrapes and she loves anticipating what will happen next. It has stimulated lots of discussion and vocabulary development as well.

With BRI she is really enthusiastic about it and asked to take all of set 1 home to re-read at Christmas! She is finally developing automaticity with the small steps and repetition in the books. It was a real struggle to get her to remember sh, ch, and th consistently before but she has got them now! It is great to see her being able to read a book through.”
Primary Teacher & Literacy Tutor

Struggling readers

“BRI is very slow and gentle as it introduces each new sound. This is why it works so well with the strugglers. Kids go inch by inch. For some this pace cannot be rushed. I also think weak blenders get better at this skill when they are blending words they know. S-a-m, oh yes, Sam. Child knows the word Sam so he can ‘reach’ for that word after he says the sounds S-a-m. To me BRI does this and it is why the books actually teach the child to blend. It is that thinking process in BRI that makes it all work.”
Teacher & Reading Tutor

“These books are so wonderful. They move the students along with enough challenge that their self-esteem improves in short order and they see and experience their own progress… so powerful.”

“[BRI-ARI] does something that ordinary text does not do. I also think the books force the child to practice in a consistent way, they know they are going through sets of books, the books are numbered, and they can see when they are starting and where they have to go.”
Primary Teacher & Reading Tutor

“When I first saw him he was guessing every word and nothing made sense. He had no idea what the story was about and was not even aware that the words he put into the story did not make sense. Now, he loves reading and explains the stories to me without any prompting. I almost feel like I shouldn’t take any money for the little bit of teaching that I need to do.”

“I already have some very happy kids and parents. They bounce into class clutching their books ready to read them again to me. Parents are so glad that at last their kids are enjoying the reading experience. It’s all good news!!!”
Primary Teacher

Learning English as a foreign language

“The BRI books have proven to be an excellent way to teach EFL kids, not only English but pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary. The problem here is that the students must learn 3 alphabets as well as Chinese characters. Two for English, the alphabet and the IPA, and pinging for Chinese pronunciation as well as the characters for reading Chinese. It is the IPA that is the most damaging as they must learn the IPA phonetic alphabet and their teachers use those symbols and not the letters of the alphabet for pronunciation.”
English Language Teacher

“On a whim, I introduced them to the EFL kids I teach from home. I’m the friendly neighbourhood English teacher in this small town. In one class, the kids are devouring the books and are competing fiercely with each other to see who can read the most books. They come early and stay late so I can hear them read. They’ve had some reading instruction from me already, so are moving along very quickly, finishing up BRI 1 in a little over a month (once a week class). In another class, BRI 1 is their first introduction to reading. Again, they love the books, and everything is going smoothly. What I really like about this program is that it gives the kids so much confidence in their ability to read in English which I’ve seen spill over into other areas. I’m thinking especially of one girl who struggled in class and even broke down crying one day because she couldn’t keep up with her friends. This has never happened in any of my classes. She started BRI, realized she could read and blossomed. The repetitive structure also gives me a great opportunity to work with their pronunciation. ‘I’ and ‘ee’ sound the same to their Japanese ears. ‘Meet’ and ‘Mit’ are perfect!”
Parent & English Language Tutor

“Have a young child, age 6, adopted from Russia 5 months ago who has totally forgotten Russian, and did not learn to read in Russia. Her ability to learn English is AMAAAZZING. She can hear me say a sound and repeat it almost perfectly, she can even do 4 and 5 syllable words.
She can watch me make a sound and get her mouth in the same position and say the sound. We decided to start BRI even though she does not know English fluently yet. Today we did set 1, books 1-3. She finally got blending, but it did not take long. There is something about those first words, ‘I see Sam’, that somehow magically get the kid blending. I was left flabbergasted watching this child, she sat mesmerized by the stories, loved the one where Sam falls in the hole. She understood it all; these amazing pencil drawings convey so much.”
Reading Tutor