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Literacy resources For older readers: MRI Level 2

MRI: Mature Reading Instruction Level 2

For those who reach their teenage or adult years lacking an understanding of ‘how reading works’, MRI provides a thorough grounding in essential decoding skills within witty, entertaining narratives.

Twenty-two stories, plays and poems offer a wealth of cultural capital alongside clear Synthetic Phonics principles – from Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the doom of Henry VIII’s wives, from Africa's spider demi-god to Aesop’s mad scorpion.

Paperback book, 184 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm.  22 stories, plays and poems

Contents Level 2

  • Poem 1: I am Cat: Playing With the Rat
  • Story 1: The Frogs Demand a King
  • Story 2: She Who Has Lots of Pals…
  • Story 3: The Fox and the Robin
  • Poem 2: I am Cat: Playing in the Tree
  • Story 4: Keep the Cat
  • Story 5: Sad Slim and Spitting Freda
  • Story 6: King Midas
  • Story 7: Scorpion and Frog
  • Story 8: Smug Rane and Zog the Frog
  • Story 9: Hal Rex
  • Story 10 Hanging Nate
  • Poem 3 Space Race
  • Story 11: The Ice Lass
  • Play 1: Macbeth
  • Story 12: Crying Wolf
  • Story 13: The Troll and his Singing Drum
  • Story 14: Dog and Jackal
  • Story 15: The Face in the Well
  • Story 16: Why Spiders Lurk in Corners
  • Story 17: Old Man Legba
  • Story 18: The Jaded King
Mature Reading Instruction Level 2

MRI Tutor Guide

The MRI series works well without the Tutor Guide.  However, if you are a teaching professional, the guide offers practical advice, background information about the stories, record keeping, fluency practice, copying and dictation exercises, FAQs and assessments. See more information about the Piper Books Mature Reading Instruction Tutor Guide.
£29.95 MRI Tutor Guide: Amazon
Piper Books MRI Tutor Guide

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