MRI reading instruction level 3

Literacy support for older students: MRI Level 3

MRI: Mature Reading Instruction Level 3

MRI is a series of 7 phonic-based volumes aimed at young and mature adults who missed the opportunity to learn to read fluently in their early years.

From the obsessions of the Greek pantheon to Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, from Aborigine creation myths to Russian witches, literature and legends from around the world make reading a stimulating experience. while the phonics framework makes reading straightforward and achievable.

Paperback book, 164 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm. 12 stories and plays

Contents Level 3

  • Play 1: Hammer of the Gods
  • Story 1: Baba Yaga
  • Story 2: Queen of the Sun and Stars
  • Play 2: King Lear First Act: Sharper Than Serpents’ Teeth
  • Play 3: King Lear Second Act: As a Fly to a Wanton Lad
  • Story 3: Puss in Boots
  • Story 4: Blowing in the Wind
  • Story 5: The Stars of Orion
  • Story 6: Rainbow Snake
  • Story 7: Anansi has Problems
  • Story 8: Doom of the Gods
  • Story 9: Medea
MRI Mature Reading Instruction Level 3

MRI Tutor Guide

The MRI series works well without the Tutor Guide.  However, if you are a teaching professional, the guide offers practical advice, background information about the stories, record keeping, fluency practice, copying and dictation exercises, FAQs and assessments. See more information about the Piper Books Mature Reading Instruction Tutor Guide.
£29.95 MRI Tutor Guide: Amazon
Mature Reading Instruction Tutors Guide

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