Reading help for Older Children & adults- MRI Level 5

Literacy resources for teenagers and adults: MRI Level 5

MRI: Mature Reading Instruction Level 5A & 5B

Last in the series of the MRI books, 5A and 5B build on the solid, phonics-based literacy foundations established in Levels 1 to 4 Mature Reading Instruction for older readers.

Level 5A

Condensed but still sophisticated versions of the works of Jane Austen, Emily Bronte and William Shakespeare ensure that students get a genuine taste of the rewards offered by classics of English literature - within the safety-net of secure decoding practice.

Paperback book, 104 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm. 5 stories and plays

Contents Level 5A

  • Play 1: Troy
  • Play 2: Julius Caesar
  • Story 1: Starship
  • Story 2: Wuthering Heights
  • Play 3: Pride and Prejudice
MRI Mature Reading Instruction Level 5A
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Level 5B

An Aztec city falls to the wrath of its gods, as Sherlock Holmes solves his latest case and Romeo and Juliet spectacularly fail to live happily ever after. Having ‘cracked the code’, students are expected, on completion of Level 5, to have the confident and fluent expertise for sustained reading of a wide range of fiction and non-fiction.

Paperback book, 120 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm.12 stories, plays and poems

Contents Level 5B

  • Story 1: The Necklace
  • Story 2: The Ghosts
  • Story 3: The Peacock
  • Story 4: The Cat
  • Story 5: Sherlock Holmes
  • Story 6: Frankenstein
  • Story 7: The Fall of Tollen
  • Poem 1: The Charge of the Light Brigade
  • Poem 2: A Litany in Time of Plague
  • Poem 3: Remember
  • Poem 4: And the Stars Did Wander
  • Play 1: Romeo and Juliet
MRI Mature Reading Instruction Level 5B

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MRI Tutor Guide

The MRI series works well without the Tutor Guide.  However, if you are a teaching professional, the guide offers practical advice, background information about the stories, record keeping, fluency practice, copying and dictation exercises, FAQs and assessments. See more information about the Piper Books Mature Reading Instruction Tutor Guide.
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Mature Reading Instruction Tutors Guide

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