Overseas orders

When ordering from overseas, please use the UK online shop and, once you are through to the Shopping Cart window, select your ‘ship to country’. Checkout will convert the currency when you go to pay. If your country is not yet listed in the drop-down menu, please email us your prospective order on orders@piperbooks.co.uk and we will reply with a no-obligation quote including shipping.

Shipping: 5-7 working days.

For bulk orders and discount please email orders@piperbooks.co.uk.

BRI and ARI can be purchased in Australia from www.spearwoodpress.com.au.

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Reading support for children learning English as a second language.

“I came to China 8 years ago and discovered that for the amount of time that Chinese children studied English very little was accomplished. I began searching for a solution and ran across the BRI books a little over five years ago. I have found that Synthetic Phonics is the answer for teaching English not only for China but for students of other languages as well.”English Teacher