Teaching older people to read Books 4A/4B

Reading help for older children & adults: MRI Level 4

MRI: Mature Reading Instruction Level 4A & 4B

Levels 4A & 4B are part of the MRI phonics-based reading programme developed to support older readers who didn't have the opportunity to establish successful reading skills in their early years.

Level 4A

The complexities of the Advanced Alphabetic Code continue to be meticulously introduced and thoroughly practised to ensure that, this time around, teenagers and adults achieve functional literacy. In 124 pages of stories, plays and poems, Camelot falls, floodwaters cover the Earth, a Chinese student faces his predestined end...and Crab unexpectedly acquires his shell…

4A: Paperback book, 124 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm. 10 stories, plays and poems

Contents Level 4A

  • Story 1: Noah
  • Story 2: How the Crab Got its Shell
  • Story 3: Guru!
  • Story 4: How Thor Got His Hammer
  • Story 5: Jack the Giant-Killer
  • Story 6: Giblings the Wizard
  • Poem 1: Creature!
  • Play 1: Camelot
  • Story 7: Wrinkles – They’re Just Wrong
  • Story 8: Demon Writing
MRI Mature Reading Instruction Level 4A
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Level 4B

With ever-widening complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax, MRI’s decodable tales continue to offer a darkly comic take on history, myths, folk tales and literary masterpieces. A Danish Prince blunders his way to an unfortunate end whilst an Indian Princess uses gender stereotyping to defeat Death. Mortals suffer for crossing the Greek gods and a Monkey’s Paw teaches a drastic lesson about meddling in fate…

4B: Paperback book, 112 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm. 9 stories and plays

Contents Level 4B

  • Story 1: The Pirate Queen
  • Play 1: Hamlet
  • Play 2: The Monkey’s Paw
  • Story 2: Cinderella
  • Story 3: Echoes
  • Story 4: Athena and Arachne
  • Story 5: Savitri
  • Story 6: Tiger!
  • Story 7: Maybe It’s Bad... And Maybe It’s Good
MRI Mature Reading Instruction Level 4B

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MRI Tutor Guide

The MRI series works well without the Tutor Guide.  However, if you are a teaching professional, the guide offers practical advice, background information about the stories, record keeping, fluency practice, copying and dictation exercises, FAQs and assessments. See more information about the Piper Books Mature Reading Instruction Tutor Guide.
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Mature Reading Instruction Tutors Guide

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