Piper Books MRI Level 1

Reading help for older children and adults: MRI books Level 1

MRI: Mature Reading Instruction Level 1

Mature Reading Instruction (MRI) offers a second chance for those who have fallen through the educational net.

Sound by sound, the Alphabetic Code is carefully introduced and thoroughly practised within the medium of lively tales from around the world. As Basil slays the dragon, Pandora opens her box and Ali Baba’s servant-girl foils the forty thieves, the groundwork for lifelong literacy is carefully laid according to Synthetic Phonics principles.

Paperback book, 100 pages, 228.6 x 152.4 mm
11 stories and plays

Contents Level 1

  • Story 1: Fin
  • Story 2: Who Will Bell the Cat?
  • Story 3: Basil and Grendel
  • Story 4: Basil and the Dragon
  • Play 1: Pandora: Keep the Box Shut!
  • Play 2: Pandora: Open up that Box!
  • Story 5: Ali Baba: Gold!
  • Story 6: Ali Baba: Bandits!
  • Story 7: Ted Slumbers
  • Story 8: Ted Wins
  • Story 9: Osin
MRI book Level 1

MRI Tutor Guide

The MRI series works well without the Tutor Guide.  However, if you are a teaching professional, the guide offers practical advice, background information about the stories, record keeping, fluency practice, copying and dictation exercises, FAQs and assessments. See more information about the Piper Books Mature Reading Instruction Tutor Guide.
£29.95 MRI Tutor Guide: Amazon
Piper Books MRI Tutor Guide

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