Reading support for school Years 1 & 2
(aged 6 to 7 years)

Without the support of appropriately structured reading practice, over 20% of children fail to reach their potential. The BRI-ARI programme (Beginning Reading Instruction-Advanced Reading Instruction) prevents this costly failure and enables children to keep up with their peers.

Many KS1 children – from mid Year 1 and Year 2 onwards – struggle with reading books that are too difficult and provide much too little reading practice. BRI 3 and all three ARI sets provide struggling readers with unparalleled instructional support underpinned by CLT (Cognitive Load Theory).

“This is such a well-refined system.
My son, now 7, started with BRI-ARI at age four and half and has read through all but the last ARI set. He didn’t actually have any trouble mastering the code; syntax and vocabulary was more his problem. As soon as the language moved away from the familiar he would become frustrated and say, ‘I don’t know what that means’. He liked the ARI books because there were no surprises with regard to decoding, so it meant he could concentrate on understanding what he was reading and reading with ‘expression’ when he had to read to his teacher at school. He can read with expression quite well now, but I let him take his time with this and it seems to have paid off.”Specialist Literacy Teacher and Synthetic Phonics Trainer
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Reading support for
school Years 1 & 2

ARI reading support for schools and parents
“These are a unique series of books which teach systematic phonics & decoding and blending in the context of reading stories.” Literacy Intervention Tutor