Pre-school reading with parents

One of the most rewarding activities that a parent or grandparent can share with a child is teaching him/her to read.

BRI Set 1 consists of 24 storybooks with lively, mischievous animal characters, accompanied by a short guide ‘Getting Started with BRI’. It takes just a few minutes to absorb the instructions in the Guide. Armed with this information, and the books themselves, the exciting journey towards fluent reading can begin. The hardest adjustment for the parent/instructor will be to resist the temptation to overhelp. Only the child can do the work; overhelping will simply make the journey longer.

Why should I teach my child to read with BRI?

BRI will enable you to easily teach your pre-school child to read and there are significant long-term benefits in doing so. Studies from all areas of language show that it is easier to learn linguistic patterns early in childhood.

We now know that parents can raise a child’s level of intelligence substantially by the ways in which they care for him/her during the first six years of life. Fast-growing brains need stimulating mental activity and learning to read is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile forms of early learning.

In the early 1900s Dr Montessori discovered that pre-school children could learn to read and enjoy the process immensely. Since that time, numerous research studies carried out on early reading have documented its long-term benefits for children.

We teach our young children many skills such as catching a ball, balancing bricks, and sorting shapes. Learning to read is just as much fun and even more rewarding for little children – matching sounds to the squiggles on the page and ‘pushing’ those sounds together to form a word. Young children are natural learners.

A few 3-year-olds and most 4-year-olds are ready to learn to read – but some prove unhappy, fidgety, and unwilling to follow instructions like ‘sound out the words, don’t guess’. If this is the case, just continue the immensely valuable activity of reading to the child for a couple of months and then try again.

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Pre-school reading skills

Perfect for learning to read with parents and grandparents – and great preparation for school…

“My daughter loves the stories in the little books. I truly feel that these books have allowed me to fulfil a very important job as a parent – teaching my child to read. I am so appreciative that the simple instruction made the process easy and enjoyable for both of us.” Parent