Beginning Reading Instruction: BRI is a gentle phonics programme for teaching your child to read

The 48 little BRI books provide the essential Synthetic Phonics skills a child needs to launch them well on their way to fully-fledged reader. As BRI’s delightful animal characters have their playful adventures, the essential building blocks of literacy are carefully laid, one sound-letter(s) at a time.

A highly researched and trialled programme, BRI is noted for its ease of use and particular success with young children and with struggling readers.

Preparing your child for school

BRI books complement the Synthetic Phonics instruction children will receive in school from Reception onwards, giving them a valuable head-start and confidence-boost. Simple instructions allow parents to confidently begin the reading journey with their child in just a few minutes.

Speech, language & comprehension focus

As well as instilling good reading habits – learning to decode accurately and read fluently – the stories provide ample opportunity for discussion, helping speech, language and comprehension to develop. There are several suggested questions at the back of each book to facilitate this process.

Home schooling

Parents and carers involved in home schooling can be confident in the effectiveness of BRI decodable books. This is a Synthetic Phonics programme using creative fun-filled stories to effortlessly instil the foundations of literacy and your child can ‘read a real book’ from the very first lesson!

The BRI Beginning Reading Instruction Starter Pack £70

This £70 pack provides everything you need to start teaching a child to read.

  • The first two sets of BRI reading books (48 books)
  • Getting Started with BRI: A Guide for Parents
  • Tutor and Pupil SPELLING Workbooks
  • BRI 1 and BRI 2 Pretend Words
  • A boxed set of Letter/Sound Flashcards
  • Mini whiteboard, pen and eraser.
  • Free character finger puppets (set of 4) if order placed before March 31st 2017

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“My daughter loves the stories in the little books. I truly feel that these books have allowed me to fulfil a very important job as a parent – teaching my child to read. I am so appreciative that the simple instruction made the process easy and enjoyable for both of us.”Parent
“The best way to help the brain to ‘remember’ the code’s patterns with minimum effort is through ‘controlled’ exposure and varied repetition. Very little active memorization is necessary when learning is based on exposure to predictable patterns… our brains do the work for us.”Diane McGuiness, Early Reading Instruction

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