Piper Books BRI – a rigorous, phonics-based reading programme for schools

BRI is a well-established  phonics-based programme for teaching children to read.

With limited time and resources, teachers need to have a fool-proof reading programme in place. The Piper Books BRI book range has been rigorously researched and tested over 20 years to create a thoroughly robust platform for fluent, confident readers.

Our BRI books work across all primary reading scenarios:

  • Early readers
  • Teaching mainstream
  • Struggling readers
  • Children learning English as a second language
  • Children with dyslexia

Gradual introduction of sound-letter(s) within lively stories

Varied repetition and overlearning throughout

Speech, language and communication facilitated through carefully selected vocabulary and story themes

Application of Synthetic Phonics principles throughout

Straightforward instructions for teachers and teaching assistants

Teaching reading ages 4 to 5

Piper Books’ Beginning Reading Instruction provides Early Years children with a thorough grounding in basic reading skills through carefully structured decodable stories that lay the foundations for enthusiastic, fluent and confident readers. The programme is compatible with all mainstream Synthetic Phonics programmes. Instructions are brief and simple to follow.

Struggling readers at primary level

BRI decodable books combine lively animal stories with varied repetition and ample overlearning. Each new sound-letter(s) correspondence is gradually incorporated into the 48 little stories and repeated in different contexts in the following books. No other programme provides such a wealth of practice for the slower reader.

English as second language

BRI was developed by a team of linguistics and educationalists with the brief of researching and developing a reading programme to teach children in the most straightforward way possible. There are no unnecessary ‘add-ons’ to this simple-to-implement programme of decodable readers. Piper Books are successfully used with EAL children in the US, Canada, China, Australia, and the Middle East (with a minority speaking English as their third language).

The BRI Beginning Reading Instruction Starter Pack £70

This £70 pack provides everything you need to start teaching a child to read.

  • The first two sets of BRI reading books (48 books)
  • Getting Started with BRI: A Guide for Parents
  • Tutor and Pupil SPELLING Workbooks
  • BRI 1 and BRI 2 Pretend Words
  • A boxed set of Letter/Sound Flashcards
  • Mini whiteboard, pen and eraser.
  • Free character finger puppets (set of 4) if order placed before March 31st 2017

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“BRI forces children to read the code and confront it over and over in real text, forcing the strategies of context and comprehension to come into play.”
Literacy Tutor
“The best way to help the brain to ‘remember’ the code’s patterns with minimum effort is through ‘controlled’ exposure and varied repetition. Very little active memorization is necessary when learning is based on exposure to predictable patterns… our brains do the work for us.”Diane McGuiness, Early Reading Instruction

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