Piper Books: The simple programme to transform every child into a reader

  • Engaging phonics stories that encourage communication, fluency and comprehension
  • Highly affordable, rigorously researched and extensively trialled in schools. For all learners, including SEN, Dyslexic, EFL and EAL pupils
  • Over 200 stories provide the essential practice
  • A straightforward getting-started guide for teachers, assistants and parents
  • Easy-to-use assessments and graphs for progress and Pupil Premium Records

And for older students: Mature Reading Instruction

  • A selection of iconic works of English literature and multi-cultural myths, rewoven into witty, phonic-based narratives
  • A fresh chance for all adults, teenagers and older children who struggle to read
  • Comprehensive Tutor Guide with Pre and Post Assessments, Background Information, Fluency, Copying and Dictation Exercises
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BRI Books for home schooling, early readers and children with dyslexia.
BRI Beginning Reading Instruction >>

ARI Books for 6 to 7 years and perfect for learning English as a second language.
ARI Advanced Reading Instruction >>

MRI Mature Reading Instruction for older children and adults.
MRI Mature Reading Instruction >>
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Teach children to read

BRI Beginning Reading Instruction ARI Advanced Reading Instruction

  • Early intervention for struggling readers

    The stories are carefully structured and provide the ‘know-how’ and practice that are vital for struggling readers.

  • Effective reading instruction for home use

    The first little tales contain just three words and five sounds so that children are able to read right from day one.

  • English as a foreign language

    BRI-ARI is the result of many years of research and development by linguists and educational psychologists. It has been extensively trialled and tested. The text is ideal for children whose first language isn't English.

  • Comprehensive instruction for tutors and SEN teachers

    BRI-ARI’s uncomplicated structure and straightforward directions allow specialist tutors and SENCOs to teach virtually all pupils to read, including those with significant learning difficulties. The books are the ideal choice for preparing children for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

BRI-ARI, a feast of books for children, contains text that is 100% decodable. Each new letter/sound correspondence is clearly introduced and rigorously practised.

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Introducing MRI for older children and adults

MRI is a ground-breaking approach to teaching older students to read.

The programme is designed for children aged 9 upwards and all adults who have slipped through the education system without mastering the fundamentals of literacy.

These books contain vibrant stories offering an unrivalled opportunity to develop accurate decoding with enhanced comprehension resulting in confident, fluent reading. Fully compatible with Synthetic Phonics, the meticulously chosen vocabulary, combined with ample interleaving and overlearning, ensures that decoding becomes second nature. Also see the MRI  photocopiable Tutor Guide.